What do you think of when you hear the phrase “faith journey”?

If you’re anything like me, you’d see meadows and streams, with some rolling hills for sure, but mostly calm waters and peaceful trees. Again, if you’re anything like me, you’d also know that in reality a faith journey will often include intense trial.  Recently, my faith journey has become less of a leisurely walk and more of a rocky trek. Yet, like previous trials, I can look back on this time and see growth.  Hopefully you’ll also have experienced the Lord’s faithfulness, even in your rocky crags of life. If not, hang on to His promises and know that He is faithful!

Here are 2 ways to add value to your faith journey (even if you aren’t in a rocky crag):

Be vulnerable!

I came across this faith nugget by accident. I was intentional in joining a women’s Bible study, but I had no idea the impact these in-person meetings would have. Let me explain: after each study session we have a prayer session. It was during this time that I shared my worries and frustrations, my trek through this particular rocky crag. Confessing my inner turmoil was immediately relieving. And, over the weeks, I received wisdom and encouragement from a group of prayerful women. What a priceless experience.  I urge you to let other Christians into your life. Sharing our ups and downs helps us to sharpen and encourage one another. Get involved!

Create a Prayer Corner!

I know. After War Room came out this became a fad. Truthfully, I avoided it. Then I saw the movie – so much truth and wisdom! So I tried it. But I didn’t want to follow the trend and I couldn’t find space for a “war room.” So I sat down in an open corner of a our bedroom and dubbed it a prayer corner.  Here’s the important part: I was vulnerable again, but this time only to God.  This has become a life-stabilizing tool for me. Even if I only have 5 minutes, I sit down and hash-out my thoughts and feelings (on my calmer days I just listen or focus my time on praying for others). I challenge you to take a step of faith and schedule prayer time into your daily routine. Learn how others structure their prayer time and find what works for you – there is no wrong way!  Just remember that deliberate, private time with the Lord is powerful. Try it!

Are you on a faith trek through a rocky crag?  Many other believers have been too. Seek them out and share your heart; seek to nourish and encourage one another. Also take your heart to God in prayer. He is faithful – hang on to His promises!


Always seeking Him,