The current political atmosphere truly breaks my heart.  So many people are angry at the outcome of our recent election.  That is their right, it is our right as Americans.  But we should also recognize that had the election gone the other way, there’d be so many people angry at the outcome of the election.  The problem isn’t the candidates.  The problem is us!

It is good to disagree and the right to express dissent is crucial to our republic.  And thank goodness!  There would be no creativity or innovation without the freedom of thought or expression.

But we don’t live in a rosy world of broad acceptance or understanding of one another.  We are all sinners, in bondage to the desires of the flesh.  We are bound to fail – to listen, to speak kind words, to build one another up.

But we have hope!  By God’s grace we have the opportunity to live free – when we accept Christ as our Savior, we are set free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2).  We are given new life in Jesus.  And no matter how many times we fail Him, God’s grace remains.

Grace is the beginning of spiritual revival.  

Grace is how we can respect one another’s opinions and the authority of those we dislike.

Grace is our lifeline in this tumultuous time.



With the same grace that God gave us, we can make a difference in this world and in our communities.  Join me as we explore the language of grace – Grace as a Noun, Grace as an Adjective, Grace as a Verb, and How to Receive Grace.


Always seeking to be found in Him,