Welcome to a new series studying Psalm 119! Why Psalm 119? Read on.

I have not always been concerned with why I’ve been afflicted with chronic fatigue/illness. But I must admit that the longer it continues, the harder it is to ignore that plea, “Why, God?” I often read Psalms in these moments, and that day I happened upon Psalm 119 again. Before long I could feel my hardened heart softening, bringing comfort and renewing my hope. This seems rather cheesy, I know. But when we dedicate ourselves to seeking the things of God we shouldn’t be surprised by the ways He chooses to reach us.

What’s so special about Psalm 119? As with most Psalms, the author runs the gamut of emotions: pleading for wisdom and understanding, craving to know God more intimately, dedicating himself to learning God’s way, and pouring out praise to God’s faithfulness from the depths of his soul. It is the very roller coaster-like experience I’ve often had, and will continue to have.

We all know that God created us, uniquely and completely in His image. It should be no wonder then that a Psalm written thousands of years ago would strike such a chord in our hearts still today. If anything, it points to the simple truth that regardless of our circumstances or situation, God created us to long for peace of mind and certainty in the core of our being. It boggles my mind that I still seek these things in places other than Scripture; God created us to long for things that only He can satisfy. So, while this Psalm may be long – the longest chapter in the Bible – it is equally packed with the golden nuggets of truth and hope that we have been created to desire.

I invite you to join me, studying Psalm 119 two stanzas at a time.

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